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42U Standing Server Rack

As the internet keeps on growing and expanding, data centres become bigger and more complexed. To cope with the increase in demand for computing and storage from data centres. Hence the increase in demand in the need for server racks in the network infrastructures.

What Is a Server Rack?
A server rack is a metal cabinet or rack that can house your precious networking equipment, such as servers, modems, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units, routers, network switches, and audio and video equipment. To maximize the potential of their servers, companies and individuals use these server racks. These helps them improve the connectivity and the ability to switch out equipment in case of failure or expansions. If you deal with any kind of servers, then you must know the importance of having server racks. However, if you aren’t familiar, then this article is just for you.

What is a 42U server rack?
The 42U server racks are customized server cabinets that can fit almost any electrical equipment. Moreover, the frame system of 42U server racks offers multiple internal surfaces and points to mount devices and other accessories for your own needs.

Specifications of 42U Server Cabinets:
Economic tempered glass door network cabinet is a cost-effective data management solution for installers and customers with lockable tempered glass front door, solid lockable steel side & back doors, levelling feet & lockable castor wheels, cable entry glands on the top and bottom, and economic price.

The 42U server cabinets are universally used to house electrical equipment. In other words, these server racks can store equipment from different brands. Popular brands like Dell, HP, and Great Lakes make devices following the racks’ specifications.

1) 19-inch width standard cabinet
2) Removable Side Panels, side locks
3) Static Loading Capacity: 800kg
4) Front glass door, Rear mesh door
5) Include 5 Fixed Shelves, 4 Fans, 1 PDU

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