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Product Overview

Server rack

Server rack is used to install network equipment and device such as server, switch, UPS, monitor, recorder, AV equipment and so on. It can regulate network equipment well and able to do radiation protection. With using server rack, various network lines can be regulated neatly, standardized, and easier to find out faulty line. Most of our server rack are come with fans to prevent overheating.

We supply wall mount and floor standing server rack in various sizes. Wall mount server rack has 5MM toughened glass door. Both Side panel, bottom panel, real panel and top cover are made of of SPCC cold rolled steel t 1.2. Whereas, for floor standing server rack, it has 5mm toughened glass door/SPCC t1.2 front door/ Mesh vented door and single open mesh vented for back door.

- 19 inch width standard
- Removable Side Panels
- Turning angle of front door is over 180 degrees
- Knock off hole for entering cable on both top cover, bottom panel,real panel
- side locks optional
- Mounting profile made of Coated Zinc plate t2.0
- Fan,shelf,PDU are optional

We do customised cabinet/ racks based on customer's requirements including fiber distribution cabinet. Please contact us at for customization service.

UPS ( Uninterruptible Power Supplies)

UA series is a line interactive UPS which is integrated with AC voltage stablizer, standby power, and surge voltage surpression, meanwhile with compact size, full function, high efficiency, high reliability, ease to be used. It can supply comprehensive power protection for termianl equipment, PC, station, SOHO equipments.

UDC-RT 1-3kVA series is an online double-conversion UPS providing consistent sine-wave power to your critical equipment. It can supports personal computers, networks, servers, VoIP and telecommunications. With full digital control, ECO mode and compact design, Kstar UDC RT 1-3kVA series features high reliablity and energy savings. Optional external battery pack can be connected for longer backup time to keep your applications safe and running smoothly at all times.

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